The Vision (CD 2017) by Andy LeGrand

The Vision is a collection of original music for solo guitar, composed and performed by Andy LeGrand. Andy’s first album release, The Vision, represents his journey of more than 15 years though music composition. Passages in this work pull at the strings of desire for classicists and new-music enthusiasts alike, as LeGrand makes evident his varied training, as well as his love for Nature and Spirit.

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Label: WaveTransform

  1. The Vision (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  2. Piedra's Drift (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  3. Meditation (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  4. Haven (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  5. Fading (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  6. There and Back (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  7. Firedance (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  8. Windstorm (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  9. The Butterfly Song (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  10. The Dragonfly's Journey (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  11. Spanish Melody (Sample) Andy LeGrand
  12. Deep into the River I (with Rachel Schlafer-Parton Andy LeGrand
  13. Deep into the River II (with Rachel Schlafer-Parton) Andy LeGrand

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