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Fading is a solo guitar composition by Andy LeGrand. Andy composed this piece while reflecting on his experiences while caring for an ailing relative. Fading is a slow moving, expressive piece and should be considered by intermediate guitarists.

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Piedra’s Drift

Andy LeGrand wrote this piece in 2008 after hiking a large portion of the Piedra River Trail just outside Pagosa Springs, CO. The trail is beautiful and follows the Piedra River closely. This piece should be considered by intermediate and advanced guitarists.

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Meditation, by Andy LeGrand, is a medium-paced, solo guitar piece. This piece is written in the spirit of continuous motion and has a pop-like feel. Meditation has many finger-friendly passages, including the use of open harmonics to highlight the end of each section.

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Andy LeGrand’s Haven is a moving piece for solo guitar with varied tempi. Level: Intermediate. Two pages.

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The Butterfly Song

A simple piece for late beginner guitarists by Andy LeGrand. This peaceful work features a pedal tone and open harmonics.

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Simple Studies

A collection of sixteen beginner guitar studies to assist while learning to read standard notation and left hand orientation.

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The Dragonfly’s Journey

A quick paced work by Andrew LeGrand. The Dragonfly’s Journey is the last in a series of brief pieces composed for late beginner and intermediate guitarists.

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